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    October 25, 2017 /  Hospitals & Clinics

    With much emphasis on the cleanliness of hospitals at the moment, and some hospitals being chastised for poor standards of hygiene, the job of a hospital cleaner or clinical equipment domestic is of vital importance. Cleaners in the NHS report to a senior nurse or infection control nurse who will supervise their work and monitor its efficiency.

    Hospital cleaners usually work shifts, often at night, and may be assigned to one area which they need to thoroughly clean, using the appropriate cleaning agents and equipment. They should be able to understand manufacturers instructions in order to use and store cleaning products, according to COSHH regulations. Their duties will include

    Mopping of floors
    Cleaning of all furniture, fixtures and fittings including beds, lockers and chairs
    Cleaning of mirrors and glass
    Safe disposal of waste, both clinical and non clinical
    Cleaning of bathrooms and toilets
    Cleaning at both low and high levels, including high up windowsills and curtain rails
    Moving furniture in accordance with hospital health and safety guidelines in order to clean effectively
    Any specific cleaning duties as requested by supervisors
    Working in a team with other domestic cleaners
    Being polite to staff and members of the public
    Undertaking any training e.g. health and safety as necessary
    Maintaining confidentiality of patients

    Cleaners will need to wear a hospital uniform and any other clothing or protective wear as indicated by the particular job e.g. masks, gloves or scrub suits. They must report any accidents immediately and use the appropriate form, as well as telling supervisors of any problems they are encountering, or any areas of the hospital where e.g. an infestation has occurred.

    The qualities required for this job are non-academic. Cleaners spend all their time on their feet, bending and stretching and so need to have fitness and flexibility. They need to have a good standard of personal hygiene and attention to detail. They will also sometimes have to deal with materials which are unpleasant. The pay for domestic cleaners in a hospital will be from 5.87 to 6.50 per hour.

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